Sasha Brabuster, Kato Kalin

With jugs large enough to bust a bra, Sasha is trying on a variety of sexy underwear, she settles on a white satin nightie then goes in to join Kato on the couch. He instantly unleashes her boobs so he can caress the massiveness of them and suck on her perky nipples. After lubing up his wang she wraps her boobs around his dickhead, squeezing it tight in her cleavage, licking the head as it peaks out. As she straddles his shlong, he pulls her butt cheeks wide apart so we can see him enter her waiting hole. When he takes over, he mounts her from behind and squeezes her cheeks together to provide more cushion for the pushing.

Chubby Sistas

Taylor Starr, Coco Rae

Taylor Starr and Coco Rae are hot chocolate lesbians who are in the mood for a bang fest extraordinaire. These two are all hot and bothered over each other, and they love watching each other’s soft and sexy chocolate skin. Once these ladies get all worked up and ready to go, you’ll find that they just can’t stop probing, flicking, and licking each other. Before long their beavers are waterfalls and they require to go ride the chocolate river to some hot, fun times, You’re going to lose track of the amount of orgasms these ladies experienced.

Chocolate Sistas

Tiffany Stacks, Nikki Vonn

Tiffany Stacks is a chocolate colored ebony babe that has a taste for chocolate twat, and since she can’t eat herself out she needs some help. Nikki Vonn is a light skinned dark beauty that also has a taste for ebony twat, and she starts in on Tiffany the second they get together. Now this is the type of shit that I would watch any day of the week – I only wish there were more ebony dykes in porn. They do end up getting all sweaty and covered in each other’s sweet slit juice. I can’t help but love every last second of it.

Chocolate Sistas